Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg e.V. is the umbrella association for initiatives on development issues in Hamburg. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1992 and now has a membership of almost  90 groups and individuals.

The member groups work towards fair shares for all in technology, knowledge, food, health and political decisionmaking. They call for fair and sustainable trade and work for the eradication of social and economic injustice between people and states.

North-South Politics in Hamburg

Sustainable global politics start off on a local level. The »Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg« regards fair North-South politics as a cross-sectional task, which plays a role in many fields such as: Economy and environment, town twinning, migration and participation, education for sustainable development, fair trade, cultural exchange, understanding colonial history and racism and its consequences.

The office

»Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg« offers information, organizational tools and a supporting network. The main goals of the »Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg« are to support its members in their various fields of activities, to issue joint public statements and to publicly promote all activities working towards a fair, democratic and peaceful world.

The following are the most important areas of activity:

  • Lobby work among authorities, economic institutions, organizations and politicians in order to create more awareness of development-related issues.
  • Publicity for development issues through exhibitions, publications and film shows at university events, schools and conventions.
  • City tours and harbour boat trips on topics such as Hamburg´s colonial history, migration and development issues.
  • Advice and further education for initiatives that are involved in improving North-South relations: We help with financial planning and funding applications, the founding of associations, event organization, press and public relations, intercultural expertise and antiracism.
  • Networking of the member groups as well as coordination of joint events.
  • Press and Public relations, including monthly newsletters, weekly event notes and the website www.ewnw.de

Members of staff in the office

Hamed Abbaspur: General Manager

Biniam Berihu: Office Co-ordination and Communication

NN: networking and membership participation

Office opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 10-15

If you are incase unable to reach us during working hours please leave your messages on the Answering machine or send us an E-mail via info@ewnw.de


Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg e.V.
Große Bergstraße 255
22767 Hamburg

Tel +49 (0)40 - 358 93 86


Donations account

Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg e.V.
Hamburger Sparkasse
BLZ 200 505 50
Konto 1268 1769 46
IBAN: DE28 2005 0550 1268 1769 46

»Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg e.V.« is a member of the »Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Landesnetzwerke (agl)«, the »Zukunftsrat Hamburg« and the »Verband Entwicklungspolitik deutscher Nichtregierungsorganisationen e.V. (VENRO)«

The members

With high levels of - often voluntary - commitment, our members bring a piece of the wide world to Hamburg. They provide information about the responsibility of the North, the situations in countries of the South and local and foreign human right movements. By organizing educational and cultural events they promote more cosmopolitan attitudes and fair international exchange in Hamburg.

Members, large associations and small initiatives alike, work mostly in following areas:

  • Joint projects with partners in countries of the South, mostly in the fields of school education, medicine, media, apprenticeships and renewable energy, as well as youth and international cultural exchanges.
  • Public relations and education in the fields of development policy: Some members are the largest providers of academic and non-academic workshops in the fields of global and intercultural studies (education for sustainable development) in and around Hamburg.
  • Migration initiatives, cross-cultural meeting places and organizations of immigrants: They support each other in establishing themselves in Hamburg, initiate development projects and provide information about human rights situations in their home countries as well as migration politics in Hamburg.
  • Fair Trade: One-World-Shops and the »Süd-Nord-Kontor« offer fair-traded goods and promote fair trade.

An up-to-date list of all members can be found on this website.

Become a member!

The power and independence of the »Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg e.V.«, which has to finance itself by project applications to authorities, foundations and other financial benefactors, grows with every new member.

Your membership in the non-profit initiative »Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg e.V.« will give you many advantages, a strong public representation of interests and networking opportunities.

Annual fees:
Group membership 80,00 Euro
Individual membership 40,00 Euro